I'd imagine he'll still have his detractors, those folks who'll say that his generous approach with sophomore forward Kyle Wiltjer's announcement that he may transfer out of the Kentucky basketball program is just an act.

Those people who will always believe that UK head coach John Calipari lives and dies by the ulterior motive are an immovable bunch. They don't like him and they never will.

So what?

The man genuinely loves and cares about his players and his comments about Wiltjer's possible transfer have proven what he said from the get-go, that the players and what is best for them will always come first. That's as it should be.

Kyle Wiltjer is an intelligent young man. And I believe that he is very good at situational assessment. This recruiting class that's coming into UK for the 2013-14 season is the best I've ever seen at any school and Wiltjer's playing time would be diminished...perhaps not significantly, but maybe enough that it wouldn't allow him to do what he desires most, and that's to become a great basketball player.

This kid wants that career.

And he understands the need to spread the wealth and share the ball on a team that will be loaded with unbelievable talent. I certainly hope that followers of this storyline won't look at Wiltjer as some hotdogger who wants the spotlight shining squarely on him. But again, so what if they do?

His goal is to improve and he feels he has may have the best shot to do that elsewhere. Of course, he might have to redshirt at his chosen destination. Wiltjer will be a huge asset to whatever school he chooses. He has multiple options...and a great friend and great coach in his corner in John Calipari who has said he will do whatever he can for Kyle.

Obviously, he'd love him back at UK but will ultimately support him in this decision. I'd like to think that's how every coach would respond in such a situation.

Again, pure class.