I saw Kentucky look really bad in January when they lost to LSU in Baton Rouge. I saw Kentucky forced into overtime to beat LSU by one point at Rupp Arena in February. Then I saw Kentucky draw LSU for its SEC Tournament quarterfinal matchup.

And I confess I became part of the "consensus" described here:



Now I did not see the game; I was at the Paddy O'Beach Party at the Owensboro Convention Center. But TVs at the party and in the convention center lobby were showing the Kentucky game. And the few times I got to take a look, I was seeing a completely different group of guys than the collective that lost at South Carolina, got blown out by Florida, and got swept by Arkansas.

I was seeing a group of Kentucky Wildcats take the Bayou Bengals apart.

I was seeing what I knew a talented team could be if they knew how to use that talent and combine it with their basketball I.Q.

So this was the result of the now-famous "tweak" John Calipari mentioned Friday. Nobody's sure what the heck the "tweak" exactly was, but "tweak" fever lit up Twitter (and is it okay to lose the quotation marks?):





Now, there were those UK fans who hadn't heard of the tweak:

And there were those who'd just as soon never...well, see for yourself:

It's all hilarious. And you just gotta think there's a UK shirt in the near future incorporating "tweak" somewhere on the design. I can hear the screen printers' gears turning now.