Okay, okay, I cry foul! And if I were Nashville-area resident Nathan Blankenship, I'd cry a few more things I can't print here. On Saturday, Blankenship was kicked out of a Kenny Chesney concert for looking too much like the country superstar.

Are you kidding me with this? Apparently, the crowd was flipping out because they thought Chesney himself was down there among them mingling. Nope, it was just good ol' Nathan Blankenship, charged with impersonating a country singer before being physically removed by venue security for being disruptive.

As I write this, I'm not believing it. Have ANY of these people ever been to a Garth Brooks concert? Why, most guys of a certain age feel it's a strict dress code to suit up like Garth at one of his shows. Have you ever seen how many bibbed western shirts and cowboy hats pop up at those things?

They were wearin' 'em in the 90s during the Garth heyday. They were wearin' 'em in 2010 in Nashville when Garth did all those flood-relief concerts. Geez, as often as I've seen it done, I thought it was a requirement for some to dress like their favorite stars at concerts.

What's more, Blankenship says he wasn't even TRYING to dress like Chesney. Obviously, it didn't matter. Out he went.

When Kenny's record label--SONY Music--got wind of the incident they offered to reimburse him for his ticket and load him up with CD's. Uh, what about footing the bill for another concert for Nathan? I would have imagined Kenny wouldn't mind that at all. But WKRN-TV, who interviewed Blankenship, seemed to indicate that Kenny may have tipped off Nashville police, himself.

I just can't believe this.

Yeah, at first, he does look like Kenny Chesney, but the longer I look at him, the more I think he looks like Mark Hamill from Star Wars. Clearly, though, last Saturday night, the force was NOT with Nathan Blankenship.