One of our Facebook friends, Megan Henderson, asked us to share the story of her son Jasper with all of you. We are more than happy to oblige.

The Facebook page Prayers for Jasper Henderson has been set up as a way for anyone to express their support in any way they wish and for others with sick children seeking prayers and support. From that Facebook page, here is little Jasper's story:

Jasper Henderson was born on August 30,2011 and was immediatly admitted into Kosairs Childrens Hospital High Risk NICU in Louisville Kentucky. Jasper was born with several severe conegntial heart defects; Unbalanced Av Canal, Transposition of the Great Arterys, Single Ventrical, Dextrocardia (meaning Jasper Heart formed on the right side of the chest, and a normal heart is on the left,) and his heart is backwards. At 7 days old Jasper under went his very first open heart surgery called PA Banding. Doctors put a small rubber like band around the pulminary artery in Jasper heart to help decrease the over flow of blood to Jasper lungs. Jasper was finally allowed to come home after a 4 in a half week stay in Kosairs NICU. Since then Jasper has had failure to strive in gaining weight (which is common for children born with heart defects.)

In efforts to help Jasper gain weight Doctors decided togo ahead and do Open Heart surgery #2 on March 13,2012, call the Bi-Directional Glen. It helped Jasper heart, but did not help with his weight gain. Jasper heart continues to grow stronger, leaving Doctors amazed! Considering his heart condition is worse then their most extreme cases. Jasper next open heart surgery is scheduled for Summer 2013, its is the Fontan. Please help raise support & prayers for sweet Jasper! This page is also for other who can come here for support & prayers for thier sweet baby, or child going through the same as our son Jasper. Congential heart Defects are the #1 birth defect here in the USA, 1 out of 100 babies are born with at least one heart defect..Jasper has 7! Lets raise awareness for this condition!