WBKR BKR Bunch member and consistent winner Jerrod Ratliff was in Nashville for CMA Music Fest having breakfast at Pancake Pantry, a popular Nashville restaurant. He saw a line forming across the street near the Belcourt Theater. Jerrod, being a bold fellow, crossed the street to inquire what was happening. "Oh, it's a Martina McBride Fan Club meet-and-greet.", replied the security lady. Jerrod, who is a member of Martina's Fan Club, suggested he was invited but didn't have his invitation with him. "We like you", she said, "Go on in".

Now, Jerrod being fully aware of my admiration for Martina McBride, met her and asked her to sign the only item he had with him-- his shirt!

Ever accommodating Martina McBride signed it to ME!

Look at this lovely couple --

And now my reaction in my office to getting the shirt --

Thank you Jerrod. I am forever grateful!