According to any given entertainment news program, website, or talk-show host's monologue, there are quite a few celebrities out there who are clearly so "important" that they MUST be given time. Well, talk is cheap; TIME's expensive.

However long David Letterman has been on our collective radar, THAT's how long I've been one of his biggest fans. He's classic. He will never go out of style or stop being funny. And it seems he will never waste an opportunity to reference MTV's Jersey Shore. Now, this show hasn't even been around 18 months and comedians and TV personalities can't get enough of talking about it. So I watched an episode. (this is a really long pause...) Seriously? There are websites for Jersey Shore quotes ALONE; I'd link you but we want to keep our audience. If they want a good reality show where they just prop up a camera and catch intelligent and funny people in natural situations, stick one or two inside a radio station. (I think I just heard some people turn pale.) And then there are the Kardashians--I'm not sure about that spelling but then again I don't think that word is ever spelled the same way twice. But I am sure they are sisters (and a mom) who exist on this planet and they have a show, too. Their names all begin with K's and there's Bruce Jenner. And that's about all I know. Tried to watch an episode. Wait, let me rephrase that--tried to finish an episode. I guess people just like to look in and see what other, ordinary, everyday people are doing. Except that these shows kind of take away that "ordinary-everyday" part.  Anyway, what do I know? Their popularity has grown and is growing and I guess the further misadventures of Snoopi and The Constipation and Kim and Khloe and Kourtney and Kris and...Bruce Jenner ARE interesting television after all. (This is a really long sigh).