We have the door, the clock, the trash can, the dry erase board, the chairs, and...the orange. Yes, the orange. It has become a permanent piece of the room here in the WBKR studio. I think Jaclyn brought it in. And I think she brought it in a couple of weeks ago. It's been sitting right there on the table just to the left of the console all this time. I don't think anyone's touched it until today. So, when Roxianne came into the studio, it came up in conversation and I decided it reminded me of Youtube's "The Annoying Orange." So I converted our hapless little mascot into a pseudo-annoying orange. I know that's a lot to live up to. But if anyone (thing) can do it, it's an orange that has had the fortitude of two solid weeks out of the refrigerator. It's still firm, for Pete's sake. And, now, with that (and since I've reminded myself), here's the REAL Annoying Orange: