I don't normally last very long watching the Oscars. I like to check out what everyone's wearing and after a good 30 minutes or so, I normally cut out. But, last night I was really interested. Not because I had seen any of the nominated movies, I mean films, but because I love Ellen (she was hosting) and I wanted to see that girl who voiced Elsa from 'Frozen' sing "Let It Go".

I will say, I loved the show! It was really entertaining! Know what my favorite part was? It was hands-down when Pink sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".  It was perfect and completely effortless.

In case you missed it, I found the video of her performance. You're welcome.

There's a lot to be said about a performer who simply stands and sings. No dramatic backdrops, no back-up dancers and thank goodness, no foam-fingers. It was so great, I even gave her a standing ovation from my living room!
Great job Pink!