So school resumes for Daviess County and Owensboro City Schools on August 10th and it seems like everything I mark off my list brings something new. We've already done some clothes shopping, and picked up a majority of the needed classroom supplies thanks to the grandparents. Now we just need shoes, school fees, ohh and don't forget the snacks.

Every year I get those little paper lists for each of my childrens' individual grade and school and I carry them around like the shopping list that never goes away. With four children in the home it seems like there is always something else that gets added when you mark off an item. For instance, I took the girls out for clothes and shoes and successfully stayed on budget and purchased a few outfits and a pair of shoes for each little lady and then upon arriving at home and putting everything away I hear my oldest yell... "What about socks?!"

Luckily there are local services for folks who are feeling the pinch of the economy and guys there is no shame in getting a little help. The Alma Randolph Charitable Foundation INC. provides a shopping day each mid July and you can get more info at The charity provides $100 vouchers for children who meet certain requirements. The charity accepts donations throughout the year and has no government subsidies or involvement.

The Goodfellows club of Owensboro is another wonderful establishment in the community that provide children with shoes, clothing, and even dental care throughout the year. They are known especially for their Christmas  party which benefits about 2000 children each year. Check them out online if you are in need this school season.

Of course you're best bet for help with everything the new school year brings that costs major cash is to ask for help from those in your family circle. I have no problem asking the grandparents to throw in for school supplies haircuts, shoes, and clothes and they happily oblige. local churches also offer help to families in need and the salvation army offers help with many of the necessities of life. they recently had a back to school shopping drive with the help of our local Target store check out their Facebook page for some inspiring photos and comments.

My best advice is, if you need help don't be afraid to ask. You would be surprised to find how many local folks are willing to lend a helping hand.