A week or so ago I asked you, WBKR listeners, who some of your favorite non-mainstream artists were. Well, I got several responses, but none more than Chris Knight. Once I found out he was from Slaughters, it was on like Donkey Kong! I just knew I had to get him in the studio for you....and I have!!

(Per Rick Atler Management)  A former strip-mine reclamation inspector, Knight still lives in the rural coal town of Slaughters, Kentucky  where he was born and raised. But it’s been on record – as well as everywhere from rowdy Texas roadhouses to hushed New York City theaters – where Chris has forged the reputation for a stark and often-ferocious honesty that led one writer to call his music “where Cormac McCarthy meets Copperhead Road.”

“I still don’t know what to call myself,” says Chris. “When people ask me what kind of music I play, I tell ‘em my music is country and rock and folk and roots rock and even pop.”

Feel free to check Chris out online before tuning in on Wednesday! http://www.chrisknight.net/ 

I'm so excited for those of you who haven't yet been introduced to Chris Knight to get a listen! You're gonna LOVE him!!

Tune into WBKR from 11:30am - 12:30pm on Wednesday...you won't be sorry!!