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Ways to Avoid a Bummer of a Summer you're the mom, the provider, and the entertainer of the summer. Don't get down, unless by get down you mean dance around. I've got summer ideas for folks like me who are broke as a joke and in need of some fun!
Kids Summer Film Fest is Coming to Malco Cinema 16
So the kids are out for summer and now they're in the house eating the food and dirtying the towels. If they're anything like my kids it's in the pool for an hour and then through the house with their muddy little piggies and grassy ankles. So let me ask you the obvious question.…
Join The Fun At The McLean County Health and Safety Fair
McLean County H.S.  1859 Hwy 136 East   Calhoun Ky, 42327
Join me, Emily Carter, as I broadcast live from the McLean County Health and Safety Fair this Saturday March 19th from 9AM until 11Am. The festivities are taking place inside the Mclean County High School and doors open at …