Nicky Hayden

Roger Hayden Dedicates Weekend Victory to Nicky
At the time of Nicky Hayden's tragic accident this past May, his younger brother Roger was testing his bike at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. On Sunday, Roger returned to Pittsburgh to score his second victory of the season.
Nicky Hayden Memorial Grows in Owensboro [VIDEO]
Three years ago, the first inductees to the Owensboro Walk of Fame were unveiled on 2nd street. The Hayden Brothers were part of that initial class and for very good reason. They’re the pride of Owensboro and now we’ve lost one of our own and we mourn.
The Hayden Brothers on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno [Video]
As racing fans around the world are anxiously awaiting updates on the condition of former MotoGP champion, Nicky Hayden, his friends, family and hometown fans here3 in Owensboro and the tristate continue to rally, pray and remember him.  Do you remember this?  It was 2005 when Nicky and hi…
Owensboro’s Nicky Hayden Wins At Sepang
Owensboro's Nicky Hayden, former MotorGP Champ, got his first World Superbike victory Sunday at Sepang! Nicky led every lap of the race, and fought off Davide Giugliano with a 1.254s lead.
Nicky spoke with after his victory. His last win came in 2006 and here's what he h…
The First Family of Racing: New Book by Earl Hayden
Earl Hayden knows a thing or two or three about racing.  In fact, his three sons, Nicky, Roger and Tommy are all motorcycle racing champions.  And their dad profiles their careers and his role in them in a brand new book called The First Family of Racing.  It's available now and …
Nicky Hayden on Display in Delhi Shopping Mall
I love quirky finds on Facebook.  About as much as my friend Ankur Gopal likes quirky finds in shopping malls around the world.  While shopping recently at the South Extension in Delhi, he, oddly enough, stumbled across someone he knows.  Yep!  8000 miles away from home, one Owen…