Winter Storm Warning

Winter Storm Warning in Effect [Forecast]
Get out the snow shovels and get to the grocery store!  A major winter storm appears to be headed this way and parts of the tristate are expecting a MAJOR snow event.  Here are the latest details from The National Weather Service.
Winter Storm Warning in Effect for Parts of Tristate
The Winter Storm Watch that was issued Friday for the tristate has turned into a warning for many parts of the WBKR listening area.  And that warning could eventually spread to other counties as a powerful winter storm threatens to bring snow and ice to the tristate.  Get the latest detail…
Winter Storm Update
Well, it looks like we may have cleared out the grocery stores for nothing.  Earlier in the week, the forecast models were calling for significant snowfall for the tristate.  This morning, those models are showing we likely won't even see snow until late this afternoon.  While the snow associated wi…