Recently here at, Steve Horn shared a photo in which he was playing guitar.  I don't think any of us knew about the Horndog's "hidden talent!"  (Steve has about 20 kids, so we just figured his talent was . . . well, nevermind!)   But who knew he played guitar??   I sure didn't!  In fact, now that I know, I'm going to start calling him "Steve Horn Urban" or "Slash Paisley!"  LOL!  But in his blog about playing guitar, he challenged the rest of the WBKR air staff to share our hidden talents.  So, here goes!  Now, I'm not sure this qualifies as a "hidden" talent because I've done this in public . . . but most of you haven't seen it or are unaware.  So, ladies and gentlemen, I present a relatively "hidden" talent.  I do a mean Elton John!