I have always fantasized about being a Truck Driving Man. Well, I can take one off my bucket list. I got to ride in an eighteen wheeler. Last week Mrs. Moon and I headed out to First Class Services, Randy Stroup's award-winning trucking firm located right on 60 at Lewisport. I wanted to meet some of WBKR's biggest fans who listen to the Waking Crew every morning on their commute from Owensboro.

Pictured are Senior Mechanic Larry Ell,  Brenda Hayden and Judy Clark.

I also got to say hello to some of the other office staff and some of the guys who drive the trucks and the mechanics that keep them in tip-top shape.

Above Chief Mechanic Frank Estes on the right supervises some engine repair. It is amazing to me how clean they keep their engines.

That day, two things happened that tickled me.

One, Randy set up a ride for Mrs. Moon and me in Kenny Likens's truck.

Photo by Mrs. Moon

Kenny Likens and Moon Mullins.

 Now, we didn't go cross country -- just a little ways up the highway and back... but it was SO fun! Ever since I was a kid when I would sit on the driver's side in my dad's pickup while it was parked on the street. I'd pretend it was a big ole Peterbilt (I'd even mimic all the truck sounds), I have had that desire to ride way up high. 

Take a look at the dashboard of this beauty.

Two, I didn't realize the national recognition First Class receives for the design and care of its trucking fleet.

In August, First Class won First Place in a whole bunch of categories in Dallas, TX., at the inaugural Custom Rigs Pride and Polish National Championship. 

  1. Best Engine
  2. Best of Show Limited Mileage Bobtail
  3. National Championship Series Overall Best Limited  Mileage Bobtail
  4. 2011 Champion Limited Mileage Bobtail

And, here's the winner!

Robb Mariani, host of Speed network’s American Trucker was on hand for the judging and he presented the awards in both the preliminary round and the championship round.

And, on Thursday night First Class will be featured on the American Trucker show!

If I ever really get to  have my own truck and drive cross-country (highly unlikely!) I sure do want this stamped on my dashboard. 'Cause it's First Class.