The post-season carnival is loaded with fun rides, but none more fun--ever--than at the University of Kentucky. Ever since John Calipari hopped out of the cab in Lexington five years ago, annual speculation about his NEXT career opportunity has been rampant.

This season was no exception, especially after former UK great and Owensboro native Rex Chapman tweeted that Calipari would take over as head coach of the L.A. Lakers after the tournament finished.

That rumor was summarily dismissed by not only Calipari but UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart.

And, so we move the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union?!?

Yep, the Soviet Union.

Calipari--in his new book Players First: Coaching from the Inside Out due to be released April 15--offers a list of recommendations for the NCAA that would make life easier for college athletes.

He also says that unless the NCAA makes changes to the way it does business, it will collapse under its own the Soviet Union.

Provocative, thy name is Cal.



Now, as for Julius Randle, this kid has been projected to be a first round draft pick--and probably top five--since he set foot on the UK practice court. And once the final buzzer sounded at the end of Kentucky's 60-54 loss to Connecticut in the National Championship, fans and analysts alike waited with bated breath for Randle to pull the trigger and announce he was heading for the door.

Then there was this tweet:




And, no, it absolutely does not mean he won't declare for the draft. But it does mean that he could be a little frustrated about being ushered out the door before he gets a chance to pack his bags.

Personally, I think he's ready to go. Even in the bad games, his moves were NBA moves. He's got the pro sensibility.

But he's on his own clock and nobody else's.