Earlier this week, April Hyde, Dan Rogers, Emily Coppas, and Josh Holliday--our friends from the Grand Ole Opry--visited WBKR. They brought tickets, a special offer, a funny gift, and some incredible live Opry performances.

Those live performances were actually recorded live performances on two CD's that they took with them when they left.

But all the performances are available on YouTube.

This one, in particular, was special to me because Vince and Little Big Town performed it as a tribute to a recording industry executive who I knew personally, David Haley.

David was a promoter with MCA Records, Vince's label, for years. And he was the first person from any Nashville record label to provide WBKR with CD's. It was way back in the day, and we were still playing music off vinyl and these great big reel-to-reels we'd get from a service.

Needless to say, the quality wasn't very good.

But our new program director in 1990, Chuck Urban, knew David and, really, many other Nashville promotions folks as well, and told me to give him a call.

I told David our predicament and, without hesitation, he sent us boxes full of CD's by all the MCA artists at the time, Vince included.

He remained a very good friend of WBKR's and when I heard the news of his passing a few months ago, I was shocked, as I had not heard anything in the way of reports of any illness.

So, yes, it was very nice just to hear Vince and LBT singing this incredible song, but the reason behind it made it even better.