Black Friday was CRAZY busy and, once again, WBKR listeners were out in force, hitting the department stores and malls in their limited edition WBKR holiday t-shirts from Terry's Tees.  And our secret Santa shoppers were out too . . . just waiting to spot lucky listeners and surprise them with grand prize packages.  And, yes, the cameras were rolling to catch all the excitement.  Let's meet the big winners . . .

That was Donna Brown, who was talking on her cell a mile a minute and power walking at the speed of light toward Towne Square Mall's main entrance when our spotter found her.  I had to barrel in the doors and race to her to give her the big news!  As you can see . . . she was completely blown away and moved to tears.  Congratulations, Donna!

After coming up short at our next two stops (K-Mart at Wesleyan Park Plaza and Rural King), we drove across town to Menard's to try and find our next big winner.  And we were in luck!   Two different sets of WBKR "O Christmas Tee"-clad shoppers were checking out at the same time, so our spotter called me and told me to award the first one out the door.  Here's how it went down!

That was Kaye O'Bryan of Whitesville, who said someone actually gave her the lucky shirt the night before.  It definitely WAS lucky.  Congratulations, Kaye!

And finally, the secret Santa shopper and I ended our journey at Target.  There, our spotter found a gal ripping through the toy department so fast our spotter was huffing and puffing to keep up.  But she did . . . and we launched our surprise attack!

That's Kelsie Ball of Tell City, who immediately called her fiance to tell him the good news!

Thanks to EVERYONE who wore their WBKR shirts out shopping on Black Friday!  We know you were out in force and we appreciate every single one of you!  We'll see you out and about in 2013 when "O Christmas Tees" returns to The Country Station.  You just never know where our secret Santa spotters are going to be!  Just ask Donna, Kaye and Kelsie!