I read portions of this letter on the air Friday morning. But it was early and a holiday for many so I thought I'd put it up here for you all to read. It really goes to the heart of what our 37th Annual WBKR-WOMI Telecom Pioneers Christmas Wish is all about.





The letter is from Selina Brigance of Muhlenberg County.

"We are residents from Muhlenberg county, Ky and I would like to share this story with you! It started as a sleepover on November 25. Our kids started a craft project of making rubber-band bracelets to keep from boredom. After hours of bracelet making Tuesday night and again Wednesday morning our kids decided they wanted to attempt to sale their bracelets that had kept them pleasantly occupied for over 6 hours. They bundled up and headed to the front yard with homemade signs advertising their product. The kids received many honks and waves from the traffic passing but there was no profit earned. Discouraged and frozen, the kids came into the house to warm up. Determined to sell their hard work all the kids headed back into the cold to try again, and this time to their surprise, they received their first customers.They ran inside the house excited to announce the good news to us. When asked, 'guys, what are you  guys planning to do with your money?' They responded, 'well we have all decided to donate the money to other kids that don't have anything.'"

They collected $35.36 for their bracelets!

So,k we at WBKR cheer the following industrious kids: 9 year old Ina Dearmond, 8 year old Keaton Creek, 8 year old Kahne Bivins, 7 year old Keyona Collins and Jake Creek who is 6.

Selina Brigance photo