I don't know how camels do it.  Seriously!  Because I drink water ALL the time.  In fact, when I eat dinner, I essentially take a drink of water after every single bite.  I can literally put back about 8 to 10 glasses on water in one meal at a restaurant.  In fact, it's long understood at some local joints, like the Briarpatch, that my waiter or waitress might as well just bring me my own pitcher.  And they do.  If I can't get enough to drink, I'll immediately start farting dust.  LOL!  Okay, so it's not really that drastic, but still.  So, why do our bodies need water?  And what happens to us if we don't get it?  Check out this video I found on YouTube.  It's fascinating and explains.

Did you all find that as cool as I did?  I had no idea my body was 65% water.  I'm not surprised, because I essentially absorb water like that sponge Paris Hilton used on the car in her Carl Jr's commercial.  I also had no idea that I urinate 1.5 litres a day.  Gosh!  I'm surprised I have time to work.

At any rate, I love water.  And, now, I have even more reasons to make sure I'm drinking it.  Even if I am drinking it straight from a pitcher!  Just kidding, Briarpatch!  I pour it into my glass first.  I promise.