Last night on the 45th annual CMA Awards, Faith Hill gave her first performance on the show in five years and, in doing so, she unveiled to country fans her brand new single, "Come Home."  Only, after some digging, we have discovered that it's not really a new single at all.  The song was originally written and performed by the pop/rock group One Republic, the band responsible for big chart-toppers like "Apologize" and "Good Life."  Take a listen to "Come Home" the way THEY did it!

Now that you've heard the original . . . take a look back at Faith's version. 

This morning in the WBKR Waking Crew "Tad" Poll, we asked listeners what they liked about the show and what they didn't.  A couple of folks pointed to Faith Hill.  Check out these responses from the WBKR Facebook page . . .

Vivin Dewayne Drake:   Faith Hill's performance was lame.  If I had to make the choice it would be another five years before she perfomed on the CMA's again give her time to practice. Lol.

Lou Ann Bearley:  I enjoyed it. First award show I have watched from beginning to end in years!! Wasn't crazy about Faith's performance.

Now, I will admit . . . I am big Faith Hill fan and, like Vivin and Lou Ann, I am not real crazy about the new single.  And, that said, if I had my druthers, I much prefer One Republic's original, which was actually recorded as a duet with Sara Bareilles.  I have included THAT version here for you to sample as well. 

And, look.  Don't judge me.  I found this video on You Tube and I feel like I must apologize for it.  It's not the actual video for the song . . . but instead footage from the CW series The Vampire Diaries.  The song was prominently featured on that show.  You're going to see random images of vampires and pretty people, but ignore them.  Just focus and the song and see what you think!

Personally, I dig it.  In my opinion, "Come Home" works MUCH better as a duet than a solo project.  In fact, there's nothing in this song that showcases what I consider to be Faith Hill's true vocal abilities.  I have always believed that she has a "country" voice and her forays into the world of pop always seemed misguided.  It seems her newest single is yet another example of Faith skating the line between pop and country.  Faith, come on!  There are awesome COUNTRY songs out there and I would like to think that songwriters are knocking down your door to get you to record them.  We miss you, Mississippi Girl!  So, please . . . come home!