I've heard about these weird little sects of people (mostly young people) sprinkled throughout the country who drink blood. Gross and dangerous, yes, but this IS the land of the free. Hey, they even have a vampire support page. I've heard of conditions that cause sensitivity to sunlight. And I'm sure there are folks whose canines are a little long--I'm talkin' teeth, not dogs. But these are people with physiological oddities, health issues, or just plain bizarre hobbies. THEY ARE NOT VAMPIRES! And neither is Nicolas Cage. But you couldn't tell some people that. It seems a Civil War-era photo has emerged and the guy in the picture is a dead ringer for Nicolas Cage. Oops, no pun intended. Anyway, because of the remarkable resemblance, there are those who believe that the man in the black & white IS Cage, so, naturally he must be a vampire, right? How else could he still be alive today? Makes sense, doesn't it? Lord!  Don't these people have anything better to do with their time?