Aaron Kizer is a bit of an artistic marvel if you ask me.  He was born and raised right here in Owensboro.  He found a passion for painting during a tragic time in his life.  So he put a brush in hand and made magic happen.

He graduated from Owensboro High School in 2001.  He is married to his longtime love Kitty and they have two awesome children Kaden and Airen.

When we interviewed Aaron a couple of years ago he told us he will literally do hundreds of drafts of the painting before he goes to a show and paints.  He has to practice just like an athlete would or a dancer or anyone getting ready to perform for a crowd.

He said he uses large scrap pieces of paper and works until he feels it is exactly what it needs to be.

I had a chance to interview Aaron this week about his life, career, and some of his most prized creations;

Why Did You Start Painting?: I originally started painting at the age of 25 to help pay for my father's cancer treatments. After his passing, I continued painting to attempt to leave a part of me with the world after I’m gone.

Who are some of your influences? : Humans. I don’t really look to other artists for influences. I look to the human experience as an influence. I may not capture our emotional experience within the subject matter but I attempt to capture it in the movement of the brush.

What is your favorite part of painting? : Honestly, the act of painting is my favorite part of painting. I enjoy chasing the perfect brush stroke, the perfect blend of two colors. I know I’ll never reach greatness but the chase of it is a life full of beautiful disappointments and in that respect art imitates life.

What is something you've never painted but always wanted to?:  My next painting. If I have an idea, I don’t really ever wait for someone to give me the opportunity, I’ll find a way to create it.

Aaron has been all over the world sharing his artistic ability.  He is completely humble when asked about his talent.  I am amazed he took his heartache and literally painted the beautiful like he wanted.

A Selection of Aaron Kizer Paintings

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