Meet Chef Kobe The Cutest One-Year-Old Cook EVER
One-Year-Old Kobe Wian is like an overnight Instagram sensation.   While home during the pandemic his mom discovered he loves to cook and ran with it.  She started his own Kobe Eats "Insta" page and it blew up!
Angel here and I first discovered his videos scrolling th…
DIY Face Masks
Face Masks are one of the items during the COVID-19 period that everyone has been searching for. We found a video on DIY video on YouTube that shows you how to make a face mask out of items you most likely already have at home.
Like Father Like Daughter
Angel here. One of the best things about having babies is watching the funny faces they make after they've just eaten or when they fall asleep. One dad decided to mimic his daughter's faces and it's #HILARIOUS.
YouTube's Membership Service
Just saw this news breaking online and I had to share it!  I am a YouTube fiend.  I watch videos on YouTube nearly every day.  I love it and, because of my hectic schedule, often live by it for quick updates of news, sports and pop culture.  And now, YouTube is preparing for the launch of YouTube Re…
Who doesn't love The Wizard of Oz? Okay, the flying monkeys may be a little scary, aside from that, it's one of the most beloved stories and movies of all time. We all know the 1939 movie, The Wiz (love it!), but now, what you are about to watch is one of the most unique and creative inter…
My Country-Fried YouTube Cover of the Week! [Video]
A couple of weeks ago, I was goofing around on YouTube and came across video of Jenny Beth Willis of Owensboro covering "Over You" by Miranda Lambert.  I posted that video here at and something clicked.  YouTube is FULL of undiscovered talent and some of the folks out there put so…

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