As March begins to wrap up, there’s only one thing stuck on everyone’s mind: spring break. Soon, Owensboro’s population will be migrating to Florida, indulging in sunny skies and ocean tides- unless you’re stuck in town for the week. Never fret, there’s more to do in Owensboro than what meets the eye, you just have to be creative. Below are five things you can do during spring break to make your stay-cation a little more enjoyable.



Go Thrifting

Admit it: there has been a time where you walked into a store with nothing in mind and left with fifty dollars worth of items you didn’t need. While retail therapy is the best therapy, it can begin to cost you after a while. To maximize profit and get the best bang for your buck , try visiting some second-hand shops around town. Chances are you’ll find something you like for a fraction of the regular cost.


Facetime Florida Friends

Sure, it’s not the same...but it’s pretty close. Keeping up with your friends while they’re away will make them feel a lot closer to home than they are. Asking about their day will not only keep you in the know, but also show your friends that you care. Additionally, seeing scorched shoulders and sunburnt cheeks through the phone will make you feel a little better about staying in the comfort of your own home.


Self Care Day

The purpose of spring break is to enjoy yourself, and there’s no better way to do that than indulging in some well deserved R&R. Get your hair done, treat yourself to a pedicure, you can even do a face mask while watching your favorite movie. Having a nice, relaxing day to yourself can help you unwind from the constants of life and put you at a peace of mind you didn’t know you had. Treat yourself!


Spring Baking

Some days are just worth pigging out, and spring break is the perfect time to have a good old fashioned at-home buffet. Baking is a super fun and inexpensive pass time that leaves your house smelling sweet and your stomach feeling full. Plus, if you’re not a pro-chef (like me), you can always buy the pre-made alternative.


Go To Work

Okay, nobody wants to go to work for fun. However, it would be the smartest decision. Not only will working keep you occupied, you’ll be making money as well- and a lot of it.  With all of the people going out of town, your job will need all the staff they can get, meaning you’ll get plenty of hours for the week. Plus, they’ll appreciate it too.

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