As most of you know Chad took off to the beach this week for what he calls "Work."  He is broadcasting live from the Holiday Inn & Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida for our WBKR Beach Giveaway.

As I boiled over in jealousy this weekend I came up with several reasons why I should be at the beach instead of Chad.

  1. The obvious...I'M PRETTIER.  Yes, I know Chad may argue that with his tanned Mediterranean/tanning bed/spray tanned skin (let's be honest nobody is that dark all the time) and gorgeous flowing locks of hair make him the better choice I disagree!
  2. I've only been here a month.  While Chad uses this to say he couldn't just give me a vacation right away again I disagree!  I say why not start me off on the right foot!  Show a girl love and appreciation and give her the beach and there is no limit to her abilities.
  3. The more obvious...I'M CUTER and More YOUTHFUL.  If you all tuned in last week you watched me give Chad's hopeless face a micro needling spa treatment.  I believe that Panama already has an amusement park and roller coaster ride they do not need any more side show attractions!
  4. And FINALLY the most notable reason...I look much better in a bikini...Chad has let himself go a little lately...his body isn't exactly where it needs to be...YIKES!  I think he needs a haircut too!
chad bikini
George W. Hales/Getty Images
angel morph
M. McKeown/Getty Images

5.  Oh and one more I have kids!  Chad goes home after he leaves work, plays tennis, watches crap television, and then jumps into his Sleep Number bed adjusts it to 35 and off he goes to dreamland!  Not me...I go home to the Brady Bunch meets Married with Children I cook, clean, mow the yard, do laundry, workout, and then whenever it may be I crawl into bed after everyone has finally passed out.

So while some of you probably agree Chad deserves this trip to Florida...I mean how many times in one year can someone go on vacation work or no work!?  Next year Barb, Brent, Spencer, and I are heading down and Chad can run this circus and all these monkeys!!!!


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