For personal reasons, the timing on this couldn't be more perfect. The story will end in Louisville but will begin in Cleveland.

Before we went to northern Ohio to visit my old friend Jeff (who technically lives in a city called Parma, but it's a Cleveland suburb), he messaged me that he wanted me to bring him up a really good ham. It seems the Cleveland area has been quite lacking in good ham. Seriously, he's been having a lot of trouble finding one. And I don't know anybody who likes ham more than Jeff; he eats a ham sandwich every day for lunch, without fail, and has never tired of it.

But good old me forgot to bring his ham.

I like ham, too. Ham is delicious. I don't know that I could have it every DAY, but I dig it. Now, if I were to have a ham like the one that was sold at auction, recently, at the Kentucky State Fair, I'd have to give the "ham sandwich a day" thing a whirl, only because I'd want to make sure I got my money's worth.

I'm not kidding. I mean, how DELICIOUS must a ham that sells for $4.8 million be? And it's not like it would take a long TIME to go through it unless that purple ribbon and those flowers are the size of a U-Haul truck.

It DOES look good though.

But I'm sure you have to be asking, "Why spend that kind of money on a ham?" Well, it was for charity. I checked with WLKY out of Louisville and learned that Central Bank and the Craft family each went half on it, throwing in $2.4 million each.

Wait 'til I tell Jeff that a ham in Kentucky can go for a king's ransom.

You'd almost be afraid to slice it up, wouldn't you?

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