May is National Water Safety Month!  Water Safety is a huge deal because when my son Parker was three we almost lost him to a near drowning in a family pool.I remember it like it was just yesterday.  Our family went over to my in-laws to swim in their above ground pool.  After we all finished everyone went inside to eat.  We were potty training Parker so he did not have a diaper on and he had an accident on the kitchen floor.  His memaw didn't want him to get in trouble so she took him out back on the deck and placed him on a bench and told him to stay seated she would be right back.  She walked inside to get a towel and returned less than a minute later to find Parker had jumped down and into the pool and was now at the bottom.  My ex-husband dove in to pull him out.

I then had to roll my baby over and perform CPR on him.  It took two rounds before his little chest rose and water came gushing out.

Thankfully Parker is still with us today and after this horrifying incident we took every measure necessary to protect and keep every child in the family safe around the water and you should too!

Here are some Water Safety Tips every parent should know.

I am thankful every day that I was trained in CPR.  If I wasn't then my son may not be with us.  Find a place to get certified.  Red Cross and American Heart Association are both great organizations that teach the CPR certification classes.

Lastly, sign your kiddos up for swim lessons!  My older boys are great swimmers now and Tucker will be taking lessons this summer.  Kids can begin lessons as young as 6 weeks old (Parent/Tot).

I actually taught swim lessons at the Owensboro Family YMCA and they have swim lessons all year long.

The Owensboro Healthpark also offers lessons.

The Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department offers swim lessons at both Combest and Cravens pools throughout the summer.

Keep safe and enjoy your summer!





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