Great wineries, camping, miles of lakes with sandy beaches, golf, cherries, amazing food and loads of family fun await you when you travel North on vacation and visit Traverse City, Michigan! It just so happens to be my hometown.

If you have cable, chances are you've seen some of the Pure Michigan commercials. Tim Allen actually has a summer home right outside of my hometown and is the voice of those commercials.

When I'm broadcasting live on location I talk to so many people who ask where I'm from as I think my accent gives me away! I start by asking if they've seen any of the Pure Michigan commercials and the ones where Traverse City is hi-lighted. Most have seen the commercials, but didn't remember specifics. I also talk to my friends often about where I'm from and how they should make a future trip with me. So, instead of just talking about my hometown, I thought I'd just let you watch the commercials yourself and see just why you should take your next vacation Up North!

I actually read once that Traverse City was dubbed “The Hampton’s” of Northern Michigan and I understand the comparison. I’ve found that most people in Kentucky feel that you need to travel to Florida in order to spend an amazing vacation with the family. This just isn’t true. A beautiful destination awaits you if you just give Northern Michigan a chance! Don't miss The National Cherry Festival each year in July. It's a premiere event that I never missed when I was growing up and I still try to get home for each year. There's something for the entire family to enjoy!

You know you're something special when you're noticed by so many! Here's just a handful of accolades. Visit to see them all!

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