The doors closed for the final time and this Indiana bowling alley went up for sale. Unfortunately, there were no buyers for quite some time, and the building and its contents were left to rot.

Closed Since 2016

Once a thriving mecca for regular bowling league nights, and no doubt full of the sounds of strikes and spares, Kingpins Bowl located in Bedford, Indiana, closed its doors for the last time in 2016. According to an article published on July 13th of that same year by the Indiana Economic Digest,

Kingpins Bowl will draw its final breath Saturday.

After a long, storied history in Bedford, the bowling alley, 2521 29th St., was no longer thriving economically, said Patrick Henderson, Bowling Youth Association manager and former general manager of Kingpins.

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Up For Sale

With a little internet sleuthing, I was able to determine that the 3-acre property, along with the more than 27,000-square-foot building built in 1960 was put up for sale in October 2016 with an asking price of $529,000. That listing was removed the following October of 2017. Although it's unclear exactly when the property was relisted for sale, the price had dropped by nearly $130,000 to $399,900. It was nearly five years after closing its doors that the property, including Kingpins Bowl, was sold for $100,000 on March 3, 2021. According to that listing from FC Tucker, there was an option for the Kingpin Bowl to be purchased as part of a package deal with another bowling alley in Seymour, Indiana.

Sale includes bowling equipment, snack bar, kitchen equipment, tables and chairs. 5,800+ Sq Ft has been used as retail space (4 retail units). Each unit has a private entrance and large display windows.

Abandoned Kingpins Bowl in Bedford, Indiana
Jennifer Strain

Abandoned and Left to Rot

While I can only speculate that it was never the intention to allow the bowling alley to lay to waste, that is exactly what happened to the property as it sat abandoned and unused over the years. Thanks to photographs captured a year or so ago by photographer Jennifer Strain while she was assisting on a project, we can see a glimpse into just how cruel time truly can be.

What Now for Kingpin Bowl

After a bit more internet sleuthing, it seems as though the former bowling alley that sits at 2521 W 29th Street has allegedly been condemned due to structural damage, and the property is rife with black mold. The rumor is that it will be demolished and the new owner of the property plans to build storage units on the three-acre lot. At least according to a conversation amongst folks in Bedford on a Facebook page dedicated to town "chatter."

Abandoned Kingpins Bowl in Bedford, Indiana
Jennifer Strain

Get a Final Look

If the allegations about the hazards of the building are true, it only makes sense that the structure is being torn down. For the sake of keeping us all safe, and to avoid any trespassing charges, (*seriously - don't go trespassing trying to see inside*) keep scrolling to see what remains inside of Kingpins Bowl in Bedford, Indiana, courtesy of photographer Jennifer Strain. I came across her photos in a Facebook group that I am a part of.  If you enjoy seeing photos of abandoned and forgotten places, definitely check out Abandoned and Forgotten Indiana on Facebook.

See Inside Abandoned Bedford Indiana Bowling Alley

The Kingpins Bowl has sat vacant since closing its doors for the last time in July 2016. See photos taken years later revealing the state of rot and decay as the building and its contents were left abandoned.


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