Well, here we go again.  According to the National Weather Service and local forecasters, we could see accumulating snow for the second weekend in a row.

While it's a little too early to start accurately predicting how much snow we'll get, forecast models agree that we're going to have snow Saturday night into Sunday morning.  As for how much?  That depends on which model you look at.  The European model shows localized accumulations north of the Ohio River from the 3 to 5 inch range.  Areas slightly south of the river are right there as well . . . with accumulations in the 2 to 4 range.

Here's the current Saturday/Saturday night outlook from AccuWeather.


While the folks at The Weather Channel are being cautious with their accumulation predictions, notice an important line in their current extended forecast . . .

The Weather Channel

Yes! The forecast for Saturday says "Watching a potential winter storm."  There's one thing we know for sure.  We're going to have precipitation Saturday into Saturday night.  As Ron Rhodes put it on the WBKR morning show today, "We have a big storm system headed our way.  We're gonna see a whole lot of rain, a little bit of snow.  And on the backside, a whole lot of cold."  Yes.  It's going to turn sharply colder.  The high Saturday will be pushing 50.  The high Sunday?  In the lower 20's!

As for the National Weather Service, they're laying out the possibility for snow too. Take a look at Saturday's forecast.

The National Weather Service

Obviously, we're early in the forecast game here.  But the conditions seems to be lining up for our second consecutive snow event.  Keep it tuned to WBKR and WBKR.com.  We'll keep you posted as the potentially snowy forecast continues to update.