The Weather Channel

Snow and Highs in the 30's
I am not ready for this!  But, this morning on here on WBKR, Eyewitness News meteorologist Ron Rhodes said we could see snow early next week.  And we're going to see highs in the 30's.  UGH!
Sleet and Snow Headed Our Way
I only wish I was kidding.  A day after we had temperatures in the 70's and an outbreak of severe weather, we are now facing a chance of sleet and snow.  Yes, I know it's April.  But, get ready!  A dose of winter could return in a couple of days.
More Snow Possible Next Week
Well, don't get used to the sunny skies and temperatures near sixty we're going to experience today.  By this time next Friday, it's going to be much colder and we could have snow on the ground.  Various forecasting services are calling for the return of accumulating snow!
Tornado Outbreak Possible
The Weather Channel is warning residents of the Ohio Valley that a tornado outbreak could occur today.  In fact, the network's tornado expert Dr. Greg Forbes has placed parts of Western Kentucky in a TOR:CON 6 category.  Here's what that means . . .
Storms Headed Our Way
The National Weather Service is warning of another severe weather outbreak this afternoon and the tristate is right in the heart of the area of concern.  In fact, The Weather Channel has issued its TOR:CON ratings, which serve as a pretty accurate indicator of tornado-like conditions.  See…
Tornado Outbreak Looms
Hold onto Toto, Dorothy!  The National Weather Service is warning of a potential tornado outbreak for Sunday and Monday and some forecasters are saying the models closely resemble those from back in 1991, when a massive twister outbreak caused over one billion dollars worth of damage.  Here's the la…
Cold Air Funnels in the Boro
The last two days I have received Special Weather Statements from AccuWeather and my Weather Channel app about cold air funnels.  And that got me thinking and asking myself, "What the heck is that?"  So, I did a little research and found some video of one.  Check thi…
WInter Weather Advisory
Is this a joke?  A big old nasty, slushy, snowy, cosmic joke?  The National Weather Service in Paducah has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the extreme northern parts of the tri-state and a Winter Weather Advisory for areas along the Ohio River.  The reason . . . Winter Storm Virgil.  That's the na…