Hollywood week is over on American Idol.  And, I am sure the contestants, who spent the week throwing up, passing out and collapsing on the stage, are probably THRILLED.  But did ANYONE shine during Idol's most infamous boot camp?  Was anyone able to just drink a gallon of Dayquil and go on about their business? As WBKR's Idol expert, Steve Thompson, explains, a gal named Jen Hirsch delivered two of the most memorable performances of the week, but she wasn't the only one able to pull a rabbit out the hat.

This morning, Steve joined the WBKR Waking Crew and we dchatted about last night's hits and misses!

And here's Steve's FULL review of the show . . .

From Steve Thompson:

  • Last week I refused to write a review of American Idol for one specific reason.  There was no singing.  Now there may be no crying in baseball, but there's supposed to be singing in Idol.  Nothing last week.  Not even an earth-shattering kaboom.
  • So after being singularly irritated last week, I thought there might be the possibility of being A T & Ticked off tonight.  Fortunately, there seemed to have been a sharp delineation between those who are headed for the final 24 and those who are headed for the airport.
  • First we are treated to yet another round of fainting and sickness.  Honestly, if FOX is going to continue showing the reality version of M*A*S*H they might as well get Alan Alda.   Most of these group sessions are historically trainwrecks on the level of the Old 97.  Either you sabotage yourself or end up sabotaging someone else in the group.  A few of tonight's contestants might as well be described as singing kamikaze pilots.
  • The group called Groovesauce featured Jen Hirsch, Creighton Frakker, Reed Grimm and Aaron Marcellus.  They did a super version of the old Sam & Dave classic Hold On, I'm Coming.  Compared to many of the flameouts, this group seemed ready to record an album.  I woildn't be shocked if we see all four of these for the rest of the season.
  • I was also impressed by the group (Hollywood 5) that featured some of the younger contestants singing Mercy by Duffy.  Eben Frankiewicz, Gabi Carruba, Jeremy Rosado, and David Leathers did a credible job on the song and I wouldn't be shocked if we see some of these kids later on as well.
  • We had a little melodrama provided by the group called M I T.  Heejun Han and Richie Law were not quite on the same page as far as leadership was concerned, but they, along with Jairon Johnson and Phil Phillips acquitted themselves nicely with the James Morrison song Broken Strings.
  • Joshua Ledet sang a very nice version of the song Jar of Hearts. I've said this in another forum, but the best version I ever heard of this song was by Dia Frampton.  I don't remember Joshua from the Houston auditions (which is no surprise) but he has a nice tone in his voice.  He could be a keeper.
  • If it seemed that Idol was frontloading the male contestants tonight, well...  That's what I thought as well,  I enjoyed Jen Hirsch singing  Georgia on My Mind.  I preferred her version to both Creighton Frakker and Reed Grimm.  I will give Reed Grimm points for the drumming and singing.
  • We still have seen only bits and pieces of some of the buzzed about female contestants, so I guess we'll see some of them in the Las Vegas round that airs Thursday.
  • We can only hope.

@February 16, 2012  Stephen W Thompson