This week we are preparing to head to Memphis to visit St. Jude Children's Hospital.  While I know I will be extremely blessed and educated on these precious children and their families, I can't help but have a very heavy heart about leaving my own family (Charlotte in particular).


While I often joke about how much I need a vacation away from my children, like most moms when I get even a few moments to myself I am totally lost!  Well, this week I will have plenty of alone time at night.  I will sleep alone for the first time in years!  No, crying complaining children, or snoring husband, no creaky old wood floors.  I am quite positive I will sleep terribly as I am so used to interrupted everything, I just won't know what to do.

Let me be transparent for a quick minute.  As some of you know, I lost my daughter, Kathern, to SIDS almost 13 years ago.  I wasn't with her when she passed.  I was working.  It burns in my mind often.  While I know my family is in God's hands that moment haunts me deeply.  I know my husband will take absolute perfect care of everyone and Charlotte will be just fine.  She is just my very best friend so I will certainly miss her sweet, crazy little face.  So lots of air hugs, an infinite amount of prayers, and happy thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


On a more positive note, I look forward to learning more about St. Jude, spending time with co-workers, meeting new people, and making memories.


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