Angel here and they say as you get older time goes by faster.  Five years ago today I started my career with WBKR.  Today I am celebrating in photos and videos memories.

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher.  It was something I dreamed about from the time I was really little.  I do remember when I was about nine years old living in Toledo my mom bought me this tiny cassette and radio that had a microphone on it and I would pretend I was a Radio DJ and I would sit in my room and record my show.  Little did I know 27 years later I would actually be doing just that.

How about we rewind back to the summer before I started.  I was home with Tuck and Charlotte and enjoying my time off.  Ironically, the very same day Jaclyn saying goodbye to WBKR, Chad was finding out I was home with my kiddos.  Funny how things work out right?!  See what most don't know is I actually interviewed and audition for the midday show and my precious little sweet kind and annoying co-host decided he couldn't bear to live life without me every single day for four hours straight.  So, after several grueling interviews, an on-air audition, and many sleepless nights praying God's will I got the call that brought me to your listening ears each and every morning from 6 -10 a.m.

Let's begin with my first day on the job.  Chad told me working in radio might bring around paparazzi or at least that's what I thought he meant!

Our first public appearance together was at Sutton Elementary School to Emcee the Red Ribbon Week Kick Off...#wardrobemalfunctions

Who could forget when we dressed up as superheroes for CASA.  We certainly looked the part but playing it was a whole different story!

Oh and then Brent and Chad had the awesome idea to duct tape me to the pole outside the WBKR studios.  I didn't say no and so they did!

The job is a blast but it is not easy.  We don't just walk into the studio and flip on mics.  We prepare, we research, and we work together to bring the most informative and entertaining show appropriate for all ages (some ages more than others LOL).

I have to say one of my favorite additions has been Wacky Wednesday where we almost always end up making fools of ourselves for a good laugh.  These are a few of the best:

For your most fun enjoyment fast forward to about 14 minutes in-->

Who could ever forget when we cracked watermelons with our thighs!!!!!

I always keep things interesting and I love running my mouth. It is part of my charm really. Fast forward to about two minutes in.

The crap this man gets me into. Seriously, nowhere on my job description did it say build a boat.

You know you love and trust someone when you let them put makeup on your blindfolded!

This job has been a heaven-sent blessing.  Most people say they have to go to work I say I get to go work.  It's fun and exciting daily.  I couldn't be more grateful for my co-host and how much he supports and loves me.  He may pick on me but I know without a doubt he always has my back and cares for me and my family as his own.

It means a lot when I see you all in the community and you come and say hello, hug me and tell me that we make you laugh!  I pray every single morning I could help make someone else's day a little brighter.

Angel Celebrates Her Five Year Anniversary At WBKR

Angel here and they say as you get older time goes by faster. Five years ago today I started my career with WBKR.

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