Angel here and growing up I didn't have a father figure in my life.  Honestly, it wasn't until I married my husband did I truly understand the impact a good dad can have on a child's life.


I am sure you've heard the saying "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone super special to be a dad."  It's true, well for the most part.  Lots of men father children but a "real" dad puts the work in.  There are no weekends off, they deal with the tough stuff and step in when mom has had enough.  And most importantly they put their child before their needs.


Joe Welsh didn't become a biological father until he was 35 years old but he became a dad when he was 34.  I truly believe he was destined to be a dad before he ever graced this earth.  We met and five months later we married.  At the time my boys were barely one, nine, and eleven.  That's a lot for a single guy on his own.  He jumped in and never looked back like he had just always known this was his place.  And he is a complete natural.  It's super cool to watch him with my boys.

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Joe is close with all three of my boys but when I think of special I think of Joe and Tuck.  The first time Tuck met Joe he was a little shy and quickly realized Doe doe (what Tuck calls Joe) was everything.  Even as I type this story tears fill my eyes thinking of their bond.  I have never seen anything like it EVER.  Joe caters to Tuck's every single need as if that single task is what he was born to do in this life.  I watch in amazement daily at the love these two have for one another and I wish every single child could have this with their parent.  Most people don't realize that Joe is Tuck's Bonus dad.  Tuck will quickly tell them I have two daddies and the wonderful thing is he knows he is loved all the more because of it.  I would swear Elvie Shane wrote the song "My Boy" for them.  It describes their relationship perfectly.


While Joe has a great bond with Tuck I can't overlook the relationship he has with my older boys.  It's tough coming into the life of any child especially when they have a dad that is in their life and making it mesh. He has worked hard to learn their likes, dislikes and make time to spend with each of them.  He took Parker to kill his first deer and he loves watching Braden play football.   My older boys are very loyal to their own dad but I have watched as they cling to the example of my husband.  He's a God-fearing man with great integrity and values family above all else.  He speaks with a gentle tone and they know no matter what they can call Joe and he will drop everything to do what they need.  Most importantly he honors me as his wife.  Parker and Braden both in separate instances have told us they hope to have the kind of marriage we have when they are grown because they want to treat a woman like Joe treats their mom.  Joe never boasts or brags but I know it honors him to hear their words.


Perhaps my favorite thing to do is witness Joe love Charlotte.  It is priceless.  He is gentle and loving and basically lets her rule the roost (I know you're surprised).  When I came to work here at WBKR she was just nine months old, still nursing, and going through separation anxiety.  He has careered being a daddy even though he is not a morning person.  He makes it look easy and never complains.  From playing dress-up to knowing every single line in every Disney movie she loves he is diligent about being whatever his baby girl needs him to be.


I am so grateful for my husband.  He has been everything to my boys they needed and even more to our daughter.  He goes and never stops and always finds time to love me.  He has filled in and done the job of dad for my children when they needed it most.  And for me he has healed a lot of brokeness.  He has shown me a dad can be dependable and reliable and not yell, or curse, or hurt you.  His love for our family is fierce.

Joe Welsh, you are a rockstar.  You amaze me in a million ways.  Thank you for loving our children the way you do.

Many would say Joe was born to be in minstry and this is true, but I believe he was definitely without a doubt born to be a daddy.

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Angel here and growing up I didn't have a father figure in my life. Honestly, it wasn't until I married my husband did I truly understand the impact a good dad can have on a child's life. 

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