Hey Y'all, Angel here and today is my husband Joe's 40th Birthday.  If you know me well enough you know I can't let the day get by without shouting praises from the rooftops for this guy.  HELP ME CELEBRATE HIM!!!!

Joe is the kind of guy every dad dreams of their daughter marrying.  He is kind, patient, loving, and would do anything for literally anybody in the world.  He loses sleep at night trying to think of ways to save the world and make everyone happy.

I met him volunteering at St. Benedict's Homeless Shelter (he was the director).  I love to watch people's faces when they ask where we met and I tell them and pause for a brief second.

Joe stays in the shadows and hates to shine.  He would much rather let someone else be out in front.  What I love about him most is he makes sure whatever he does he gives God all the honor and glory.

We're polar opposites.  He is quiet, mild-mannered, and humble but he understands me completely and loves me for who God made me to be.

He has been an amazing bonus dad to my boys, especially Tuck.  When we met Tucker was a baby and it's like Joe was always there.  He waddled into his arms and hasn't ever left.  Tucker would pick Joe over Disneyland I am 100% sure.

If you listen to the show at all you know Joe loves the deer.  He enjoys the woods, the quiet (because we get so little of it at home), he's basically a professional hunter.  He is awesome at it too!

Joe takes time for people.  Not just his friends either.  He makes sure when he is with you, you feel like you're the only person in the world at that time.

He is a rare breed of human being.  If our world could clone Joe it would solve a whole lot of problems.

He changed my life when we met.  He made me believe the good in people again.  He healed my broken heart.

People always ask me if he is as great of a person as I dote on him being...HE'S BETTER!  I am not sure in an infinite number of lifetimes that I could express how wonderful of a guy he is.

The world is better with Joe Welsh in it.  I am absolutely so thankful 40 years ago that God placed him on this earth and then picked me to be his wife :)

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH ARTHUR!  You are our hero always and forever~


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