Angel here.  Today marks my momma's 78th birthday.  It has been 11 years since I was able to sing, hug, shop, or do anything with her on her special day and gosh I am missing her a bit extra this year-->

I can hear her right now "Well I'm 21 again"  LOL no matter how old she got she always used that joke.  I miss the sound of her voice when she said it and how her vivacious laugh filled the air.

This has been a pretty adventurous year for me and our family as a whole.  Parker my first born went to live with his dad which completely broke my heart.  Parker was my momma's baby.  He went everywhere with her and spent many weekends at her house.  To say she adored the air he breathed would be an understatement.

Charlotte's first dance recital.  As I sat in the crowd I imagined the smile on her face as she watched her prance around the stage.

Braden got his first job.  She would have been so proud of him.  To be truthful she would have probably drove to town to visit him multiple times while he was working.

Tucker and Braden both started playing football.  My momma loved watching me play sports, compete in pageants, in plays, whatever I was doing she was there cheering me on.

Parker got his driver's license this week.  He has a girlfriend.  All things momma would be equally as excited about as me.

Chad and I were inducted as Kentucky Colonels this week.  "The commission of Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky. It is recognition of an individual’s noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to our community, state, and nation."  My former high school soccer coach messaged me and told me how proud he knows I make my mom even though she is gone.  My brother who lives in Ohio did the very same.  Goodness I sure would have loved to have seen her face when I called to share the news.

I, myself, have struggled this year because much to the surprise of many people I am not very good at knowing my self-worth.  I am extremely hard on myself.  I am the most critical person when it comes to just about anything.  When I got like this my momma always knew what to say to bring me out of my funk.  She lifted me to my feet and by the time I left her presence I was soaring on cloud nine.

She had a way of doing that for everyone.  If you were having a conversation with her in the middle of a million people she would make you feel like you were the only person in the room.

You could meet her in the grocery store one day and the next weekend you were going to yard sales together.  She just loved on people.  ALL PEOPLE.

I miss her like crazy.  Tears are streaming uncontrollably as I type this blog.  You see everyone else in the world fails you.  They say God is the only one that will never fail or disappoint.  I have found this to be true.  However, when my momma was alive on this earth she never failed me.  She had my back, sacrificed her entire life for me, she protected me, she taught me about Jesus, and she prayed with and for me daily.

I always thought she would be around.  This year I just feel it a whole lot more.  With so many milestone happening I find myself longing to share it with her.

Wishing Momma a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Heaven.  I know Jesus is going to throw you the most amazing party ever.

As always thank you for letting me share my life with you all~

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