The season is upon us!  Deer season that is...however I feel like I have been living deer season for two years straight!  My husband has been hunting one deer for that long. Everyone should have a hobby and my husband, Joe, he loves to hunt!  He eats, sleeps, and breathes it.  Since last fall he has been hunting a massive buck.  He moved cameras like 10 times a week, grew a food plot, and a million other things to draw this dear in range for the kill.  He even named them!

Touchdown, Field Goal, and Unicorn.  The terrific trio that drove this wife batty!  Touchdown taunted him weekly on his cameras showing up minutes before and after he would get in and out of his stand.  My husband stayed the course, lost his patience a few times, but never gave up!

Since deer season began 13 days ago he has been in the stand every single day (sometimes both morning and night).  Which meant this momma was basically solo for this time.  The kids took advantage of this to say the least!

Yesterday I knew something had to give.  Either he had to kill the deer or I was going out there myself and strangle it with my bare hands.  Low and behold I received a text at 4:45 p.m. that said "I did it baby, I shot him, I killed him!"  I almost cried.  It was finally over!  You see I felt like I had been hunting this deer he talked so much about it. 

I write this first and foremost because I am very proud of my husband and his perseverance.

And, secondly, to send a shout out to all the girlfriends and wives, who become "deer widows" this time of year.  It's a hard job but somebody has to do it!

P.S.  I need to find a hobby where I can be gone for 13 days straight!!!  LOL!