Angel here!  Who likes getting shots?  No one right?!  Well I can tell you one thing my kids don't and I have the video to prove it!

Here's how it played out in pictures!

Angel Welsh

When they first found out they were going to get shots!  Charlotte clinging to Tucker for dear life.

Angel Welsh

Panicking after I told them they had to get them there was no way around it.

Angel Welsh

Trying to escape before the nurse came in!  LOL

No worries to those of you thinking how could she take pleasure in their misery.  I don't but this is real life people.  I cuddled them and gave them Popsicles and Tylenol when we arrived at home and they are only slightly scarred from the experience.

Being a mom is tough but when I get to share the ups and downs with you all it's like I say THANK YOU!