Angel Here!  It's Throwback Thursday and I wanted to share my Top 5  Country Music One Hit Wonders.  Here is my top 5 list!

5.  In Color by Jamey Johnson

4.   Beautiful Goodbye by Jennifer Hanson

Now to be honest I had forgotten about this song until Brently reminded me.  Such a great beat!

3. 26 Cents by The Wilkinsons

I always cried hearing this song.  Made me think of my momma.

2.  Leave the Pieces by The Wreckers

I absolutely adore this song and their sound.  It is one of my go to Karaoke songs!  I wish they would have made more like it.

1.  Complicated by Carolyn Dawn Johnson

This is Brent Gardner and my favorite song.  We play it every single Throwback Thursday.  I love her!


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