I have not really ever been much of a fan of Valentine's Day.  It probably doesn't help the fact that a guy I dated in college gave me quite possibly the very worst Valentine's Day Present EVER!!! In my opinion this holiday is way overrated.  Why do we need a national holiday to show our love and affection to those around us.  This should be done everyday.  However, one year in college I was dating this guy and things weren't totally on the up and up with our relationship.  To say the least things were a bit rocky.  The week of Valentine's his sweet grandmother passed away so he was not even around.  When he returned he brought me wilted roses in a vase (that he just left on my desk at work) which I later found out came from the funeral!

Getty Images/DIGIcal

Needless to say our relationship pretty much "died" after that!

Truth be told I would much rather have flowers on a random day "just because."  Thankfully I married a man that does just that!

A Very Happy Valentine's Day to all you out there celebrating.  Our house will only be celebrating the fun with the kiddos!


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