If the Judds' family relationship hasn't been strained enough, this new accusation is not only odd, but it has the possibility of carrying some serious charges.According the Franklin TN Police Department, the younger Judd filed a police report in early November suspecting older sister Wynonna had placed a GPS tracking device in Ashley's Mini Cooper in order to obtain information related to an "ongoing custody dispute" within the family. The tracking device was discovered when an unnamed party took the car in to a local mechanic, which prompted the actress to contact the authorities. It turns out the device was registered to Janice Diane Swafford-Holt, a Nashville private investigator, who had worked with Wynonna in the past when the singer was married to Arch Kelley. Ashley also said in the report her sister gave the tracking to device to Kelley; he has denied any involvement in the Mini Cooper incident.

The incident is considered a criminal act in Tennessee for a person install or conceal an electronic monitoring device in a motor vehicle without the owner's permission. Jail time and a fine are possible including the owner suing the accused party and the private investigator. The report also states Wynonna's and ex-husband Kelley's daughter may have been the unnamed party who took the car in to the mechanic.

At this time, no charges have been filed pending further leads.

Ashley Judd took to her Twitter Wednesday afternoon and she issued this statement on her personal website criticizing media coverage of the incident.