If you know me personally or tune into the WBKR morning show regularly, you know that one of my biggest curses is the fact that I have a gigantic head.  LOL!  I routinely complain about the fact that it's so large I cannot wear hats.  No, seriously.  There is literally ONE hat that fits my head and I have pretty much worn the thing out.  And attempts to shop for a new one have proven to be demoralizing and sad.  Truly.  One night, outside a French restaurant in New York City, a crowd gathered and mocked me as I tried on hats from a street vendor.  The mother-in-law of a dear friend of mine said, "This is the funniest show in town."  Yep!  That was me.  That was my big fat head.

Well, if you're feeling my pain and you have a big ole noggin of your own, there is good news.  A new study suggests that big-headed babies are more likely to be intelligent!!

No, I'm not kidding!  I scrolled across this on my Facebook page the other day.  I'm guessing Siri has heard me complaining about my fat head before and threw me a bone on social media.

YES!!!!!  A article in Molecular Psychiatry discusses the findings from a UK Biobank research study that started back in 2007.  According to Simplemost, the study looked at the correlation between many several variables including genes, IQ and overall health.

It found that those people who were born with big heads were significantly more likely to show greater intelligence later in life, evidenced by such achievements as earning a college degree or scoring higher on a verbal-numerical reasoning tests.

And, according the study results (published in 2016), a big head at birth is defined as "a circumference of 12.5 to 14 inches."  Well, I can tell you (and I am sure my mother would confirm because she still has the scars to prove it), I was a fat baby.  I weighed just shy of about ten pounds and a good 50% of that body weight was situated in my fat head.

But, you know what!  As badly as I want to be able to wear a hat, I will take intelligence and run with it.

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