It's not like me to make a scene in a public place...unless, of course, I am very happy that I discovered something I thought I'd never see again.

Last night just seemed like a night for CHILI. And so, I drove down to the nearby Dollar General to get a few things to put in it and with it. I can honestly tell you I did not expect to find what I found.

There, in a nondescript display, very close to the cash register, were bags and bags of Frito Lay Brand Bar-B-Q Fritos. I stopped dead in my tracks. I'm not kidding you...for a split second, I didn't think that's what they were because I was under the assumption--actually, the full-on BELIEF--that Frito Lay had just thrown up its hands and would never manufacture them again, favoring, instead, the very popular Chili Cheese Fritos.

All of a sudden, the chili was of SECONDARY importance. It really could have been anything...or nothing at all. If I'd decided on a BALONEY sandwich, I would have still embraced my discovery with the same fervor. (Of course, I sound like I diminish the underrated baloney sandwich and I shouldn't; it's a great companion to Bar-B-Q Fritos.)

Anyway, the wonderful, evocative flavor of these little gems whisked me back to picnics on the beaches of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley; day-long visits to Miller Lake (where Bar-B-Q Fritos were always available at the concession stand); and summer vacations (roadside picnics at rest stops while traveling wouldn't have been complete without them).

And it looks like I am WAY behind on this; Dollar General has been carrying these since last spring. But, I'm telling you, I had not seen them anywhere for DECADES until last night. Otherwise, I would have already loaded up by now and the in-store happy dance wouldn't have been necessary.

By the way, I'm not the only one; I've already two people ask me to pick them a bag next time I see one and they'd pay me back.

Anyway, it's time for lunch, folks, and, yes, I will incorporate the best product to ever come off a Frito Lay assembly line into it.

And then maybe I ought to hit every DG I can find and make sure I never run out again.

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