Barb recently posted a story about a family from Newburgh who, while vacationing in the Smoky Mountains, got paid a visit by a little bear cub.

Last summer, Jerry Morris and his family had a bear encounter during a trip to the Smokies.

And, of course, they're fairly common in eastern Kentucky:

But, those are the Smoky Mountains and eastern Kentucky. And we're talking CENTRAL Kentucky here.

Suddenly there have been more than just a few bear sightings in parts of the Commonwealth we're not using to seeing bears.

WKYT-Lexington reports a sighting in Jessamine County, which is south-southeast of Lexington. So, yeah, that's VERY central Kentucky.

WKYT also spoke with a representative from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife who said that male cubs, during breeding season, can get "bounced out" and pop up in unlikely parts of the Commonwealth.

Bears well within city limits? There's an animated movie in there somewhere.

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