Back in 2022, HGTV descended upon LaGrange when one of its signature series "Hometown Kickstart" chose this north central Kentucky city for a complete renovation.

Known as "the Kindness Capital of Kentucky," LaGrange welcomed the crew with open arms and then the transformation began.

If you weren't sure, you might think the "Be Kind" campaign began here; that's certainly a mantra they live by, but not just in LaGrange, which is the governmental seat of Oldham County.

The Best County in Kentucky for Raising Families

And doesn't it make sense that a popular ranking and review site would find that Oldham County--home to the kindest city in the Commonwealth--is the best in Kentucky for raising families? But Niche dug a little deeper than the figurative welcome mat laid out by LaGrange.

Niche used several criteria and graded each one. Then it averaged those scores to come up with an A+ rating, putting Oldham County at the top...and in the top 30 nationally. It's ranked 27th.


A grade like Oldham County received for its public schools packs a huge punch when regions are ranked, but the job and housing markets also shine.

Why Oldham County KY Ranks So Highly

While the median cost of a home--$357,000--ranks well above the national average of $281,900, 87% of Oldham County still OWN their homes. The 13% who rent are paying $1,113 a month--more than $100 BELOW the national average.

According to Niche, Oldham County is home to many young professionals, and I have to wonder if that's related to its proximity to Louisville. I have many friends who live in counties just outside Louisville because they get the small-town atmosphere they crave, but also the convenience of a major city very close by.

As for that B+ for outdoor activities, Oldham County has made news in recent years for its drive-in movie theater, the Sauerbeck, which runs outdoor Christmas movies in November. Plus, there's the adults-only swimming hole, FRP - Falling Rock Park La Grange Quarry.

Congratulations to the folks of Oldham County who have made hay while the sun was shining. Folks have noticed. Keep it up.

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