Angel Here!  I have always been taught to be aware of my surroundings when out by myself.  A recent blog written by our sister station WKDQ's Melissa Brooks got my attention-->

When I was younger my mom always made sure I knew to pay attention when walking out in a parking lot or a store.  She told me to look people in the eye and never be distracted especially when I was alone.  We all watch the movies and shows where a person is on their phone talking and that is when someone has the opportunity to take advantage, abduct, or hurt them.  If you are like me you don't think something like that could ever happen to you.  Unfortunately, several tri-state women have reported situations that made them feel very uncomfortable while shopping.

I noticed about a month ago my friend Lauren Payne, had reported being followed in Walmart on 54.

This came after reading posts from friends in Louisville posting that their daughters had been followed at a cheerleading competition.  It is absolutely so scary because we get busy with day to day life, talking and texting on our phones, digging through purses or shopping bags, and we forget about everyone else!

I don't mean this to scare everyone or cause panic but more to create awareness and bring about a sense of safety in our community.  I also appreciate WKDQ's Melissa Brooks for reaching out to these other tri-state women to share their stories.

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