The DINOSAURS are coming!  They were supposed to be arriving in Louisville this weekend but there's been a change in their travel plans  Here's what we know.

Dino Stroll is the only tour event that allows families to walk thru and actually interact with the life-size and so real dinosaurs.  Many of the dinosaurs tower over 25 feet tall and can be measured at up to 60 feet in length. During Dino Stroll, experience a transformation into the Mesozoic Era with prehistoric dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, throughout!

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Families will get to experience over 75 different dinosaurs and exhibits as they stroll through this indoor event.  There's a wide range of sizes from baby dinosaurs, to the very large and in charge life-like and life-size ones including a T-Rex, Velociraptors and a Stegosaurus.

The tour will take you back in history with real animatronic dinosaurs that are designed to have moving body parts from their heads all the way down to their tails.  Some of them even breathe and you might even be able to hold a baby dinosaur if you're lucky.

Don't worry about being rushed through the exhibits because everyone is encouraged to take it at their own pace, take photos, and enjoy each and every dinosaur.

The kiddos will also have a chance to participate in rides, activities, and other attractions during the event, and tickets for these will be sold separately on-site.

Dino Stroll was supposed to happen on September 11 and September 12, at the Kentucky Exposition Center:  They are now waiting to reschedule the date and release it as soon as they have planned it out with all the dinos.



Dinosaur World is in Cave City just beyond Bowling Green and a hidden gem in Kentucky for the kiddos. Our family visited for the first time during Fall Break and they loved it. The life-sized replicas of different dinosaurs seem so real. They also have a museum with fossils and education videos.


Kentucky is home to the world's largest outdoor go-kart track in the world and a huge arcade and it is within driving distance from the Tri-State called Kart Kountry

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