I'm pretty comfortable tackling Nashville traffic, although I'd MUCH prefer to be there outside of rush hour drive times. I'm not an idiot.

But yeah, I'm familiar enough with Nashville that it just doesn't bother me like driving through Louisville does. Yikes. Don't get me started.

The Congestion of Nashville Traffic

However, "pretty comfortable" and "familiar enough" doesn't mean I ENJOY driving through Nashville. Even when it ISN'T rush hour, there always still seems to be tons of cars in all FIVE or SIX lanes on Interstate 65 once as you head into the city. Yes, congestion is an issue in Music City, but perhaps help is on the way, courtesy of artificial intelligence:

One Nashville Traffic Sign Features a Glaring Mistake

One thing a busy city like Nashville doesn't need is confusion. While locals may see through this glaring error, travelers passing through might not be so lucky. Take a look:

Here Come the Comments About the 'Clarksburg' Interstate Sign

Without the #oopsies present, would you have known that there's a huge mistake on that sign? It's supposed to say Clarksville, not Clarksburg. I've never noticed that before and I was just on that stretch of interstate--I believe that's 40--in December. Well, folks from Nashville were quick with the comments.

What ever they can do to confuse people and keep them from moving to Nashville

Love to know how many minds/hands/etc this sign went through before landing here, WRONG!

Let's just Burg everything around here.. Nashburg, Murfreesburg, Mt Burgliette, Brentburg.. we have so many options and no one is doing a thing about it.

And then there was this one...

SMH There is a Clarksburg TN in Carroll County so what is the problem?

Whether or not she was kidding, I can answer her question with this handy-dandy little graphic:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Clarksville and Clarksburg are 96 miles apart, and it will take you nearly two hours to make that trip if go the shortest way, the way Google suggests. Clarksburg is off of I-40.

Simply put, if you went west on I-24 hoping to get to Clarksburg, you might never arrive.

I have a feeling this sign will not read "Clarksburg" in the very near future, but I'm just guessing.

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